BPI has multipurpose industrial operation sites accommodating the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing facilities


Research & Development Unit


A Drive for Innovation

Innovation has always been one of the key ingredients of BPI’s success; BPI has planned the development of a unit to control every facet of the development chain beginning with research in manufacturing to products’ delivery.

BPI has upgraded its Research and Development (R&D) unit to offer a cGMP certified Pilot Plant capable of developing, formulating, manufacturing, packaging and analyzing pharmaceutical products.


A State –of-the-Art Pilot Plant facility

The R&D unit and cGMP Pilot Plant address the market’s growing demands and challenges the unmet medical needs in order to improve people’s wellbeing.

The unit accommodates a wide range of state –of-the-art equipment, a centralized quality control laboratory and stability chambers for the delivery of high quality products.


A Team of Experienced Professionals

BPI’s R&D team is a blend of industrial pharmacists, scientists and engineers that share the role of driving a world class generic pipeline, piloting evaluations and monitoring technology transfer.


A Modern Generic Pipeline

BPI has been collaborating with leading international scientific bodies, industrial research institutes and prestigious universities for pipeline expansion and strategic development.

Our R&D unit is currently handling a wide pipeline of oral dosage forms that include capsules, granules, coated and uncoated tablets.