BPI has multipurpose industrial operation sites accommodating the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing facilities


Our Industrial Operations

BPI has two multipurpose industrial operations sites for the pharmaceutical and the medical devices manufacturing  in Dbayeh, Lebanon and Cairo, Egypt. Also, Benta has undergoing projects for new manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


High Quality

BPI recruits highly competent management and personnel, uses state-of -the art facilities and complies with international standards to ensure that each product is top quality.BPI has earned a number of International, regional, and local certificates. Most importantly, BPI has acquired the European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001: 2008  and our medical devices meet the high standards of the European Union and they have acquired the CE marking.



Production Capabilities & GMP Compliance

In regards to the pharmaceutical products, the production of each form takes place in an independent, segregated production unit. They include a Biological and Biotech Production Unit, a Conventional Pharmaceutical Production Unit, a Cytotoxic Production Unit and an Antibiotic Production Unit.


The Industrial operations sites and their supporting utility systems are designed to comply with the latest European GMP standards and to allow the smooth and efficient one -way flow of material and personnel.


The operations sites permit independent environmental controls and monitors per production unit and implement clear physical segregation between production units. They provide clean systems and utilities as per FDA and EMEA requirements for all systems in direct contact with the products (e.g water systems and air systems).


The plant was designed to ensure the consistency of operations through the qualification of equipment and utilities and to guarantee the utmost quality of products through testing at state- of- the- art laboratories for physical, chemical, and microbiological analyses.