Benta Pharma Industries exhibited at Health Insight III

24 Apr 2013

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Benta Pharma Industries exhibited at Health Insight III- the pharmaceutical and medical equipment business development forum.


Held for the third consecutive year, Health Insight III mainly focused on the regulatory affairs development in the Arab world in addition to the outlook of the global pharmaceutical market in 2020 and the challenges facing it.


The congress gathered participants for 12 different countries in addition to featuring 30 local, regional and international speakers. BPI’s plant director, Mr. Moussa Moussa, a speaker in the session of “Outlook into global pharma market in 2020” discussed the topic of “Lebanon’s next generation of industrial pharmacists.”


Moussa said: “at BPI, we recognize our responsibility towards the community in which we operate.” He added that BPI’s determination to becoming one of the global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry triggered BPI social commitment to education.


He emphasized that BPI understood the gap; the scarcity of people with the appropriate pharmaceutical background mainly industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical engineering stems from the limited local job opportunities at hand.


Benta signed three academic cooperation agreements with the Lebanese University, the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the Beirut Arab University (BAU) that have launched  respectively a Masters degree in pharmacology and pharmaceutical industry, an Industrial pharmacy rotation as part of the pharmD program and a development and training cooperation agreement. 


Moussa highlights that these academic agreements create a win-win relationship for the pharmaceutical industries and for the students; It leads to the emergence of  a local and regional professional pool, it increases the opportunity to capitalize on research and development in addition to retaining and attracting talents and mind-leaders.