Benta Cardio Day 2015

20 Mar 2015

For the Second year in a row, Benta Group organizes Benta Cardiology Day (BCD), an event that highlights the latest innovative technologies in cardiac treatment and prevention at Le Royal Hotel, Lebanon.


Cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, cardio surgeons, hospital officials and healthcare professionals attended Benta Cardiology Day.


“At Benta, we strive to become the market leader for a wide range of cardiology products and medical devices.” said Ms. Salma Assi, Benta’s Medical Devices Business Unit Director.

The Cardiology day discussed prominent technologies such as Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH), Magna Ease, Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), IAB - Think Counter Pulsation, Acrobat I and Son’R Hemodynamic Sensor.


On a related note and for the first time in Lebanon, Benta in collaboration with Lebanese and international doctors have performed EVH and TAVI procedures which are considered revolutionary and safe in comparison to traditional procedures.

The conference featured more than 20 speakers and guests from 8 multinational partner companies that are Maquet, ACIST, H.D Medical, Sorin Group, Edwards Life Sciences, ArcRoyal, Atramat and Ferrer In Code.


BCD also included a facility tour at Benta Pharma Industries - BPI in which the guests were introduced to the company’s state-of- the-art pharmaceutical and medical devices production units.