A new success story for our adventurous George Saado!

17 Oct 2016

George Saado, one of Benta group team members, added a new adventurous journey to his path by successfully climbing to the summit of the Island Peak at the elevation of 6198 meters (m) and by trekking to the Everest Base Camp at the elevation 5550 m at the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.


Benta fully supports the initiative of Saado; not only to promote health and environmental advocacies which are at the core of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility but also to foster its commitment to employee’s talent development.


Saado’s journey was not only for the sake of climbing and trekking high altitude mountains but for the sake of the Journey itself; the Journey of challenging oneself; the persistence, the physical training and the perseverance needed to defy obstacles and this is truly the spirit that Benta wants to inject in its employees.


Saado, sponsored by Benta has previously trekked to the Mount Kazbek in Georgia at the elevation of 5047 m and to the Annapurna base camp in Nepal at the elevation of 4130 m.A new success story for our adventurous George Saado!