Benta Group Ventures Into a Fully Integrated Cloud Solution Of Its Information Systems

23 Jun 2017

With the continuous expansion of Benta Group, that currently comprises more than 10 companies and a global presence that exceeds 35 countries, Benta Group is now venturing into a new and fully integrated cloud solution for its back and front office business software to keep up with the Group’s operational excellence.


The new information system suite includes a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an advanced Business Intelligence for business analytics, and a conglomerate international standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from Microsoft’s latest cloud offering.


Benta Group has partnered with giants in the information system industry such as Microsoft, Alfa People Denmark and Salesforce to ensure maximum efficiency, compliance and reliability within its operations In addition to creating the group’s competitive edge over its rivals especially by fostering enhanced relationships with Benta Group’s suppliers and clients.