BPI launches the unique ZEISS ReLEx SMILE

07 May 2018

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BPI launches the unique ReLEx® SMILE, the new generation of minimally invasive laser vision correction procedures in Partnership with ZEISS in the Lebanese market.


BPI featured the ZEISS ReLEx® SMILE at the 26th Annual meeting of the Lebanese Ophthalmological Society. This new procedure in the field of refractive surgery utilizes the high-precision femtosecond laser VisuMax® from ZEISS to create a lenticule inside the cornea and access incision in a single treatment step.


 Its outstanding cutting precision, exceptional speed and gentle treatment approach make it an ideal platform for advanced corneal surgery applications.


SMILE, an FDA approved procedure, has been adopted by more than 1300 practicing surgeons and treated more than 1.3 million eyes worldwide.


Zeiss Meditec is a multinational medical technology company and a global leader in the ophthalmic industry.